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Programa "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana": Consulta de Suspensión y Transferencias

Exploring the "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana" Program: Verifying Suspension and Transfers

We invite you to carefully read the following article to learn how to verify suspension status in the program and upcoming transfers related to "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana".

Receipt of Conditional Transfers Starting September

Starting from the third payment cycle, scheduled for September 2023, households will begin receiving the conditional transfers outlined in the national program "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana".

Suspensions Lifted for 800,000 Households

On July 23, 2023, Prosperidad Social announced that around 800,000 households that were previously suspended can now receive the conditional transfers from the national program "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana". This suspension lift was made possible by validating approximately 800,000 surveys to cross-reference and rectify the provided information, thus overcoming the suspended status.

Cielo Rusinque, Director of Prosperidad Social, explained that these lifted suspensions will allow these households to participate in the third payment cycle of the "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana" program, once inconsistencies have been rectified and compliance with prioritization criteria has been verified. This ensures due process, as previously informed.

Rusinque also added that the national entity's projection with the "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana" program is to reach three million households across all regions of the country.

Conditional Transfers for Previously Suspended Households

For households that were previously suspended, it has been clarified that they will receive conditional transfers starting from the third payment cycle, which is set for September 2023.

Verifying Suspension Status

The entity highlighted that over the course of August, the list of families that meet all the access requirements for the program will be published. These families were not considered for the first two payments of the year and were not scheduled for the third payment cycle.

The Director of Prosperidad Social specified that before the end of the month, the families for whom suspensions have been lifted will be announced. Therefore, those interested in knowing whether they are eligible for the transfers in the third payment cycle can check their status in September using the following steps:

  1. Access the following link: Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana
  2. Select the option "Check here if you are registered".
  3. Enter your details and complete the "I am not a robot" verification.
  4. Click on the blue button labeled "Check".

Once you've entered your information, the system will provide details about your eligibility in the "Tránsito a Renta Ciudadana" program.

Reasons for Suspending Certain Families

Since the launch of the program, Prosperidad Social initiated the "Anticolados" strategy and verified Sisbén IV surveys to prevent transfers from going to individuals who didn't meet the assigned parameters. This resulted in only about two million households being covered in the initial cycles of the year.

In light of this, on July 17, 2023, the Director mentioned that around one million households had to be suspended because some of them included public officials, pensioners, and individuals with incomes exceeding eight million pesos. The suspension was necessary to maintain due process and ensure that resources reach those who truly require them.

However, it was clarified that there are suspended families that do meet the requirements set by the national government for transfers. Therefore, the necessary procedures have been undertaken to lift the suspension and provide them with a retroactive payment, in accordance with the program's established rules.

Regarding the question of whether families that were suspended in previous cycles will receive the unpaid funds, the Director clarified that the around 800,000 households that are already in a "validated" state will not only receive transfers for the third cycle but can also claim the other two economic supports.

We thank you for reading this article and look forward to sharing more information in future articles.